Hoofmaker 800gm

Hoofmaker 800gm


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Hypona Hoofmaker, 800gm

Total vitamin and mineral supplement for strong healthy hooves.

Ingredients: Methinonine DL 6060mg, Lysine 1900mg, Zinc 436mg, Biotin 20mg, Glysine 1900mg, Choline 500mg, Proline 90mg, Inositol 350mg, Copper 106mg, Iodine 0.07mg, Vitamin A 1765 IU, Vitamin D 162 IU,

DL-Methionine- The most important element for a strong and healthy hoof.

Biotin- Biotin is proved to strengthen the hoof horn.

Zinc- Zinc improves the coat and helps healing wounds.

Vitamin A- For better hoof horn and improved skin.

Vitamin D- Helps the bone structure on the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus


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