W3 Oil Mb 5 L

W3 Oil Mb 5 L


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Mad Barn W-3 5L Pouch of Oil

the W-3 Oil is designed as an equine energy and essential fatty supplement to support your horse's cardiovascular function, skin, joint health and weight maintenance. All the omega-3 benefits of fish oil, without the fishy smell and taste.

w-3 Oil contains both plant and marine sources of natural fatty acids, as well as the essential fatty acid DHA, which is not found in plant sources of oil/fat.

w-3 Oil is one of the only equine supplements made with microalgae-synthezied DHA, which has all the benefits of fish oil but is far more palatable to the horse.


-Weight Maintenance

-Energy and Performance

-Cardiovascular Health

-Skin and Hair Condition

-Joint Comfort

-Immune Function

-Reproductive Health


-Mood Balance


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