Muzzle B F Hltr Horse

Muzzle B F Hltr Horse


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Best Friend Deluxe Grazing Muzzle Horse Size

-The Best Friend Deluxe grazing muzzle is the most popular design.

- Durable construction. Reinforced rubber bottom and straps.

- All-in-one design. A halter is not required.

- The breakaway feature is for the safety of your horse with one extra plastic buckle included.

- Good fit and minimal rubbing provided by six fully adjustable sizes.

- Now designed for more air circulation so the muzzle is cooler and your horse can breathe with ease.

- The Horse Journal has consistently chosen the Best Friend muzzles as the top-rated grazing muzzles due to our design and durability. Others have tried to copy our muzzle, but have been unable to duplicate the good fit, quality, and durability. Buy the Best Friend Grazing Muzzles to keep your horse in good health.

- Please note: The Deluxe muzzle has been updated to allow more breathing space. The main picture shows how the muzzle should not be fitted. The extra pictures show how the muzzle is used. The throat latch should be in the crease of the horse's neck. It is better to be a little large than to be a little small.

There are Six Muzzle Sizes you can choose from Draft Horse to Miniature Horse.


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