Snm Perf. Poultice 5lb

Snm Perf. Poultice 5lb


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Sore No More Performance Poultice - 5lb

Key Benefits-

Inflammation Relief.

Safe for hands and horses.

No waste or mess.

Easy removal.

Injury prevention.

Multi purpose.

Calming scent.


Our time-tested formula offers an easy to use solution for drawing out swelling and infections.

- All-natural ingredients: No harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, synthetic or artificial additives. No irritating herbs like menthol or capsaicin. Contains time-tested arnica, rosemary, lavender, witch hazel and lobelia.

- Medicated formula: One of the few truly medicated horse poultices available. Bentonite clay is added to our original, clinically-proven formula for effective swelling and inflammation relief. - -- - Bentonite clay provides a silky smooth texture and is widely used as a safe cosmetic ingredient for people.

- Careful herb selection: Our whole herbs are carefully chosen, extracted and monitored for purity and strength. This crucial process is never overlooked and we never use commercial extracts or diluted tinctures. The process ensures the highest potency and purity for consistent, powerful pain relief.

- Clinically proven pain relief: Sore No-More is the only liniment line with university published research related to back pain. Not only has the herbal solution been trusted by equine professionals and top competitors for over two decades, but it has real research and published evidence to prove it works. The study showed significant reduction in pain for working horses over a period of 3 - 4 weeks. Researchers began to see improvement after just 1 week of daily use.

- Equine professional approved: Approved by veterinarians. Professionals across the country rely on Sore No-More Classic Liniment to help their patients with sore muscles and injuries. The choice of top equine therapists for more than 20 years at all major international competitions, USEF events and the Olympics.


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