Kevlartuff Hoofgaurd 16oz

Kevlartuff Hoofgaurd 16oz


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Kevlar Tuff Hoof Guard Sealant 16oz

Bottle with application brush in the lid

A clear sealant with high impact. Kevlar Tuff Hoof Guard seals in nail holes and small cracks that form in the hoof wall, effectively preventing harmful bacteria from entering. Kevlar Tuff keeps natural moisture in and the weather out, helping to prevent dry brittle hooves. Made with the same high impact Kevlar™ Aramid Fiber technology used in bullet proof vests.


- Added UV protection to guard against bleaching and surface cracks.

- Provides a barrier, sealing in moisture and keeping out harmful bacteria.

- Kevlar fibers added for stronger healthier hooves.

- Strengthens the hoof and helps to prevent quarter cracks and under slung heels.

- Easy one coat application.


- SHAKE WELL to get full benefit of fiber.

- The hoof should be free of dirt and other contaminants.

- Apply sealant as needed with large brush (included in the lid) while avoiding the coronary band.

- For brighter and shinier hoofs, wait approximately 1 minute then apply second coat.


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