Amino Trace+ Pellet Mb 5kg

Amino Trace+ Pellet Mb 5kg


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Mad Barn Amino Trace (AT+) Pellet 5kg

minoTrace+ is designed to provide the ultimate nutrition for improved hoof quality, absorption of nutrients and improved digestion - all in a convenient pelleted format. When a custom formula is not possible or practical, AminoTrace+ is an excellent choice to balance your IR/Cushing's/PPID equine companions diet. Not just for metabolic horses, AminoTrace+ is an excellent choice to fortify any horse's diet.


-Metabolic Health

-Mineral Balance

-Tail, Mane and Hair Growth

-Insulin Sensitivity

-PPID/Cushing's Horses

-Hoof Growth and Structure

-Antioxidant Defense

-Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

-Hindgut Health


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