Ration Balancer Lite 20kg

Ration Balancer Lite 20kg


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M-V Balancer Lite Horse Supplement Pellet

Directions for use:

Body weight of horse (kgs) 500

Amt. of Horse Supplement Pellets fed 1.00

kg per head per day.

Amount of rolled oats fed kg per head per day. 1.50

Provide forage free choice.


Directions for use must be carefully followed.


Wheat Millrun, Soya Hulls, Beet Pulp, Dicalcium Phosphate, Limestone, Salt, Molasses, Vitamin and Trace Mineral Premix, Pellet Binder, Soy Oil, Whey Powder, Lysine, Threonine, Alltech Yea-Sacc®, Alltech Actigen®, Magnesium Oxide, Bio Plex Zinc®, Bio Plex Copper®, Bio Plex Selenium®, Flavor

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (min. %) 10.0

Crude Fat (min. %) 3.0

Crude Fibre (max. %) 14.0

Sodium (actual %) 1.2

Calcium (actual %) 2.7

Phosphorus (actual %) 1.6

Magnesium (actual %) 0.3

Potassium (actual %) 0.8

Sulfur (actual %) 0.3

Iron (actual mg/kg) 550

Copper (actual mg/kg) 240

Manganese (actual mg/kg) 680

Zinc (actual mg/kg) 970

Iodine (actual mg/kg) 5.0

Cobalt (actual mg/kg) 1.1

Vitamin A (min. IU/kg) 48,400

Vitamin D (min. IU/kg) 5,400

Vitamin E (min. IU/kg) 1,000

Fluorine (max. mg/kg) 110

This feed contains added selenium at 2.7 mg/kg.

Net Wt. 20 kg

Manufactured by Otter Co-op


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