Girth Wintec Original Dress

Girth Wintec Original Dress


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The Wintec Elastic Dressage Girth is designed with the unique advantage of having the elastic in the centre of the girth so the entire girth stretches with the horse as it works.

Traditional elastic girths only have elastic inserts on the ends, meaning all of the stretching occurs on the sides only. The elastic in Wintec's elastic girths is located in the center of each girth. The unique advantage to this design is that the entire body stretches and the weight is transferred evenly over the whole surface of the girth, ensuring there are no pressure points or ridges.

Elastic streches up to 2" as your horse works.

Girth made with Anti Galling material.

Soft rolled edges, no stitching.

Robust, load-bearing webbing attaches buckles to girth.

Even stretch throughout entire length of girth.

Outer covering of girth does not absorb sweat, making it easy to clean.

Stainless Steel buckles.

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