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Amigo Camofly


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The Amigo CamoFly has been created with extensive research and inspired by a zebra's natural camouflage. The unique pattern will deter and confuse flies from landing on your horse.


Research surrounding how flies react to zebras and their stripes suggests that the monochrome stripes confuse flies acting as a natural deterrent to the insect. Based on this principle, we have created a bespoke monochromatic pattern, specifically designed to help camouflage horses from pesky bugs and flies.

The layered black lines on a grey background act to create an optical illusion in the eye of a fly. The pattern breaks up the shape of the horse. Insects struggle to identify the horse as a target and cannot figure out where to land.

The Horseware Amigo CamoFly's stylish monochromatic pattern may be a simple way to protect horses by helping to deter flies from landing on their body that can cause annoyance.

Unique Fly Deterrent Print

Layered black lines on a grey background act as an optical illusion in the eye of a fly breaking up the shape of the horse, so insects struggle to identify it as a target.

Extended Belly Coverage

Ensure your horse's belly is protected from insects with overlapping material, 3 surcingles and velcro closure.

Detachable Hood

Optional neck cover gives you the flexibility to offer maximum coverage and protection against flies and insects.

Disc-Front Closure

Lightweight and adjustable with freedom of movement to graze.

Breathable UV Protection

Durable, breathable mesh for maximum airflow with 65% UV protection from the sun.

Extra Depth to Knee

Extended length for added leg protection.

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