Horse Blankets

Horse Blankets

BlanketsIn-store at Diamond H Tack is a wide variety of horse blankets. We always carry fly sheets, cotton sheets, coolers, rain sheets, and winter blankets.  Our stock is changing with every season so come in and talk to our knowledgable trained staff about getting the right fit to suite your horse.


Click on the links below to source other products from our suppliers.  If you find something you like, make a note of the item and contact us for pricing and availability.

We do not guarantee any blanket against ripping or tearing of fabric, trim or fittings.  Horses live outdoors and in barns, often with other horses and being large animals they can destroy almost anything!
Please carefully check workmanship and fit of your new blanket before using it.  Although the fabric of the blanket may be waterproof, your horse still may get wet due to a number of reasons:
• The weather was too warm and your horse got sweaty.This is possible even in a breathable blanket (especially if your horse wasn’t cooled out properly or it was running around its paddock)
• Water runs down your horses’ neck and under the blanket.
• Your horse was lying down and the water was soaked up through the lining of the blanket.
• Water leaked through the seams or stitching.
Remember even if you are wearing the most expensive rain gear you may still get wet if you stand out all day in the pouring rain!  The same logic will apply to your horse in their new “waterproof” blanket.
Thank You from the staff at Diamond H Tack!

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