P C Quick Wrap Combo Theramic

P C Quick Wrap Combo Theramic

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Professionals Choice Theramic Combo Wraps

Medium - 14"

Large - 16"

Professional's Choice has developed Theramic yarn, the latest in ceramic therapy. We have custom engineered Theramic yarn to contain reflective ceramic fibers. Our Theramic yarn reflects natural body heat in the form of long wave infrared heat radiation, which is easily absorbed by the body and is known to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and ease pain. Our products are specifically designed for use prior to and following workouts, to aid in maximum injury prevention and recovery. Professional's Choice Theramic infused products are flexible, soft, and durable enough to be used every day on your equine athlete.

1. PREPARE...Increase blood circulation prior to exercise.

2. TREAT...Maximize recovery by reducing inflammation and soothing aching muscles and joints.

3. REPAIR...Helps speed up recovery through increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and pain relief.

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