Saddle Butter 14oz R H

Saddle Butter 14oz R H


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Ray Holes Saddle Butter 14oz

Restores, Repairs and Replenishes Leather

Since its creation in 1936, SADDLE BUTTER has remained the finest leather care product available. SADDLE BUTTER replaces the natural oils in leather.

SADDLE BUTTER excels in protecting leather from its three worst enemies. Sun, wet weather, and sweat. This fine leather dressing combines the original saddle maker's recipe of PURE neatsfoot oil, bees wax and Brazilian carnauba wax.

- Waterproofs and Conditions to create and maintain the mellow feeling you desire in old or new leather. As a plus, SADDLE BUTTER gives a superb waterproofing with its mix of natural waxes which buff to a soft, hand-rubbed finish when dry.

- Perfect for all fine, top-grained leather tack. Made of the finest natural ingredients, SADDLE BUTTER is as close to neutral as possible. It causes little or no discoloration of leather.


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