Underwood’s Horse Medicine473ml

Underwood’s Horse Medicine473ml


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Underwood's Veterinary Healthy Products Horse Medicine 473ml.

Underwood Horse Medicine Instructions:

-Apply Underwood Horse Medicine onto the wound and lightly dust with BAKING POWDER

-Baking powder acts as an invisible bandage keeping the medicine inside the wound and corruption and infection out. Each application adds another layer of protection to the wound acting like a scab.

-Never flush or wash the wound

-Flushing or washing a wound while using Underwood Horse Medicine is counter productive to the healing process because you are washing any pre-existing medicine out of the wound and causing further irriation. Moisture also plays a key role in proud flesh formation.

- Never wrap the wound while using Underwood Horse Medicine

-Wrapping the wound does not allow fresh air access to the wound and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and proud flesh development.

- Apply twice daily

-We suggest applying the medicine as many times daily as possible to expedite the healing process. (twice minimum)

- Keep out of morning dew

-Any moisture that collects on the baking powder formation will have adverse effects on the healing process. Keep the wound as dry as possible.

- Do not pack the baking powder into the wound, it only requires a light dusting

- When the baking powder dries on the wound it forms cracks that allow our medicine to seep into the wound, if you have packed the wound with baking powder these cracks will not form.

Keep Away From Children. For Veterinary Use Only

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