Dust On 70.9gm

Dust On 70.9gm


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Dust On All-in-one wound powder

All-in-one wound dressing that stops bleeding fast, draws and absorbs discharge, creates firm, breathable scab, allows body to heal naturally, does not damage live tissue. The all natural "powdered" formula is specifically designed for wounds, scrapes, rashes, even dehorning and tail docking.

Stops Bleeding Fast

Draws and Absorbs Discharge

Creates Firm, Breathable Scab

Allows Body to Heal Naturally

Does Not Damage Live Tissue

Non-Caustic formula for Proud Flesh

Also for Dehorning and Docking

Safe for small scrapes, deep punctures & skin tears

Protects against infection

2.5 oz

Dust On. 70.9 gm

All Natural Skin Powder.

Aids in the maintenence of healthy skin and coat.


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