Multiplex 2 Kg

Multiplex 2 Kg


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Basic Equine Multiplex, 2kg

Complementary feed for horses. Multiplex is a concentrated source of vitamins B12, B6 and B1 & other vitamins and minerals.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: *This feed contains added Selenium at 40 mg per kg

Vitamin A (min) 900, 000 IU kg

Vitamin D3 (min) 240, 000 IU kg

Vitamin E (min) 5, 000 IU kg

Vitamin B 12 (min) 2, 400 mcg kg

Vitamin K (menadione)(min) 1,000 mg kg

Niacin (min) 2,500 mg kg

Thiamine (min) 500 mg kg

Riboflavin (min) 800 mg kg

Pantothenic Acid (min) 1,000 mg kg

Choline (min) 13,000 mg kg

Folic Acid (min) 240 mg kg

Biotin (min) 30, 000 mcg kg

Pyridoxine (min) 800 mg kg

Iodine (actual) 20 mg kg

Manganease (actual) 10,000 mg kg

Zinc (actual) 20,000 mg kg

Cobalt (actual) 150 mg kg

Copper (actual) 2,000 mg kg

Iron (actual) 15,000 mg kg

Fluorine (max) 2,000 mg kg


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