Antioxidants Plus Hh 500gm

Antioxidants Plus Hh 500gm


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Herbs for Horses-Antioxidants Plus, 500 gram

This product is a super antioxidant formula based on the researched properties of Boswellia, Vitamin C, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Selenium, Turmeric , Gingerols, Milk thistle, Ginkgo biloba.

Performance horses in both training and competition product large quantities of free radicals (ROS and RNS) as metabolic waste products due to maximum oxygen consumption. Antioxidants are able to neutralize and detoxify toxins produced by exercise, therefore reducing muscle damage, soreness and improving rate of recovery.

Increased feeding of antioxidants is beneficial following injections, wounds, sprains, shipping, and sub-optimal performance for unknown reasons.


A superior antioxidant formula.

Neutralize and detoxify toxins.

Beneficial following injection, accident, transport.

Helps with sub-optimal performance issues.

Contains no fillers.


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