Saddle Fitting Consultation

At Diamond H Tack Inc. we are very pleased to offer a saddle fitting service  to our  customers. This service is provided by a professional saddle fitter and will help you achieve an accurate fit for both you and your horse. Our saddle fitters provide sound, honest advice to riders and horses of all different levels, disciplines, fits and budgets.  We provide this service at a minimal cost to ensure the best fit for you and your horse.

After an initial consultation by phone or in store, our saddle fitters will bring several saddle options to your location and help you find the right fit for your horse.
The cost of the service is:

Form - Saddle fitting pricing snip

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

At your saddle fitting appointment, our saddle fitter will spend the time required with you and your horse to fully appraise the saddle fit.  As part of this appraisal, our fitter may need to see the horse being ridden by its rider on a flat riding surface.  The final test will be to take any potential saddles home and ride them for a sweat pattern to determine the final riding fit.